GFR220 Note counting machine

Welcome to the coin sorting and counting company.

Welcome to the coin and money sorting company. We supply and maintain a wide variety of Coin and Note counting equipment at very competitive prices. The versatility of our coin and cash products combined with advanced features provides a considerable advantage over other machines. Our products range from small tabletop money scales to the larger models of note counting and coin sorters and counters. We can supply equipment to suit individual requirements.

CountEasy Money scales with printer

If you find that sorting and counting money is time consuming then we can supply a machine to solve your problem at an affordable price. Alternatively, if all you require is an upgrade of your current unit then please contact us. No matter what the application, be it Banking, Retail, Education, Libraries, Local Authorities, Hospitals, Car Parks or anywhere else that cash may need to be processed, TG Systems can offer businesses a time and money saving solution.

Foreign currency in note form waiting to be counted

Foreign Currency

Having problems with foreign currency? A number of our systems include RCDS, a coin detection system, which recognizes and rejects foreign coins before they reach the sorting rail. Therefore, jams, sorting and counting mistakes caused by foreign coins are almost out of the question.