Coin Baggers

TG100 Coin Bagger >>

This compact and portable high-speed coin Bagger allows for very fast bagging of single denominations into bankers bags. All denominations are simply selected via the easy to use controls. The display shows totals of the quantity of coin counted and the batch quantity can be selected for whatever is required. It is Euro compatible and will count all currencies.

TG100 Coin Bagger TG100 with coins TG100 open with coins

This product line represents a very cost effective concept of coin counting processing. The coin counting machine processes pre-sorted coins. The double knob adjustment offers highest operator convenience. One setting of the knob is enough to select the proper denominations. Coins that are smaller by at least 0.5 mm than the preset denominations are sorted automatically.

The automatic reverse function prevents jamming. The machine also stops operation automatically after coin feeding. Pre-programmable quantity stops and a memory that allows storage of counted coins are additional advantages. As an option an automatic coin feed machine processes large quantities of coins.

TG Princess Coin Bagger>>

TG Princess Coin Bagger

This coin machine processes pre-sorted coins. High counting accuracy and safety of operation as well as low wear and tear gives the easiest operation with superior features. With a large choice of options the machine can be equipped individually for any application.

Denomination setting, single knob or universal adjustment. The single knob adjustment offers highest operator convenience. One setting of the knob is enough to select the proper denomination out of a maximum of 10 different denominations. With the universal adjustment the machine can be set up by inserting one sample coin each to adjust diameter and thickness. The advantage is that any number of different denominations can be handled.

Off sorting, coins smaller by at least 0.5mm than the present set denomination are sorted off automatically and dropped into the lateral coin cup. Counting, 6-digits well legible LED display, 5 digit batch setting switch for stops between 1 and 99.999, inductive counting sensor reacting on metal only therefore it is insensitive against dirt.