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The TG 310 is an extremely accurate device designed in Germany, it is a very robust and reliable mixed coin-sorting machine with built-in foreign coin rejection. The unit is versatile and enables either free running of a quantity of coins or batching of coins into the correct value ready for banking. Other advantages include a built-in memory, to allow consolidation of different counting rhymes, and the ability to print totals for records.

It has a state-of-the-art coin detection system, which sends a magnetic impulse into each and every coin. The on board electronics examine the signature of the coin to determine both its authenticity and type. Because of this, foreign coins which sometimes become mixed into our currency, are easily detected and removed.

TG310 Coin Sorter TG310 Coin Sorter TG310 Coin Sorter

It is both simple and easy to use, its long-term service in the field has given it a proven track record, making this machine one of the most reliable machines we have to offer.

The keyboard has been designed with the operator in mind, for simple operation, and an ergonomic layout to cut down on mistakes.

Coin drawers are designed to be long lasting and to hold just the right amount of coins. Not too heavy, but large enough for the machine to operate for a reasonable period in free run mode.

Anti jamming: the machine is designed to automatically reverse in the unlikely event of a jam. If further access is required, the operator can open the unit, giving a full view of the rail track. There is a coin detection system to allow the machine to automatically be aware of track jams, which is clearly displayed to the operator.

Additional options include a bulk coin handling tray, cloth bag attachments and a report printer. The unit will sit on a desktop or a stand.

The TG310 coin counting and sorting machine is especially designed for applications at smaller and medium sized Banks, Savings Banks, Supermarkets, Department Stores etc. With this machine it is possible to count and sort up to nine coin denominations. Foreign coins will be rejected. Coin detection and counting are done by the help of RCDS, a coin detection system that recognises and rejects foreign coins before they reach the sorting rail. Therefore jams, sorting and counting mistakes caused by foreign coins are out of the question. The sorting is done by corresponding to the coin diameter.

The features of the TG310 include the RCDS Intermediate drawers for increased reliability. They ensure efficient money processing at the Bank, because they allow the Cashier to make verifications. After acceptance the operator opens the intermediate drawer and the coins are dropped down into the collection drawers.

All operational functions are arranged comprehensibly on a clearly structured display with memory for day total and for numbers and values per denomination on an 8 digit LED. The TG310 is equipped with connectors for a second display and an external printer. As an option, a second display, an external printer and an additional device for bagging or tubing coins can be offered.