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TG200 Coin Counter

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Foreign Coin removal, this small handy counter is specially suited to the determining of the total amount in the case of mixed coins. With a large range of possible applications especially where the fast setting of amounts is required such as in Banks, Savings Bank and their branch ATM’s and in the case of persons setting up automatic vending machines. As the device can be universally programmed, its use is particularly recommended also in Border regions. The setting and programming of the device is affected by ‘learning’.

Foreign Coin Detection, this coin detection system measures and compares coins with a programmable tolerance value and removes foreign coins – if they do not match every coin family and every new currency. The TG200 mix counter is distinguished by extremely easy operability and low service and maintenance. A large range of accessories (e.g. outlet hopper for bag fastening, second display, sleeve tubes and sleeve tube holders) guarantees reliable fast and time saving cash processing. Interface for an external printer or PC is provided.